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General Incorporated Association of Pensionersf Associations (Zennenren)

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Fumio Wakasugi

Around 1968, organizations of employees' pensioners began to be created on a prefectural basis to increase pensioners understanding about the pension system and promote mutual friendship and welfare.
To foster cooperation among these prefectural organizations and carry out joint projects to improve the welfare of pensioners, the National Federation of Employees' Pensioners' Associations (Zenkoren) was founded in October 1972 by the prefectural organizations.
In July 1982, the Director-General of the Social Insurance Agency approved Zenkoren as a corporate judicial person.

In January 2010, the name was changed into gthe National Federation of pensionersf associations (abbreviated name: Zennenren)h in response to the Minister's of Health, Labour and Welfare approval.
In April 2013, approval of Cabinet Office was received in connection with the reform of public service corporations, and it became gthe General Incorporated Association of Pensionersf Associations (abbreviated name:Zennenren).h

Zennenren supports affluent and comfortable lives of pensioners.
Zennenren carries out a variety of activities for its member pensioners, including petitions on pensions, medical care, and care for the elderly, lectures on the pension system and on cultural and recreational themes, and organizing volunteer activities, sports events, and group tours. In addition, Zennenren provides its members with various services, such as discounts on hotels, tours, recreation facilities, and ceremonies, and offers personal injury and cancer insurance plans at reduced costs.